Monday, May 28, 2007


Shalom Shalom Brothers & Sisters,

I want to thank My GOD, My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. For without Him there is no us. For without Him there is no existence of this universe. The majesty of this magnificient creation of our Father God came into existence and still IS because Our Father from the Beginning had His Son in His Mind to be the glue to our existence, the glue to the universe surrounding us.

The first part of this entry i want to share with you some insights with regards to GOD's introduction to Moses. I AM THAT I AM. *(This is solely my viewpoint and does not represent the teaching that i'm receiving from my place of feeding.)

So, let's begin. I was researching some stuff regarding the Hebrew alphabets and actually sinking my teeth into the letter ALEPH when this verse was used as part of an example. Something popped straight into my eyes. I've read this phrase on my E-Sword (PC bible) before but never noticed the full spelling in Hebrew.

משׁה אהיה אשׁר אהיה

It reads from right to left "MOSHEH AHYH ASHER AHYH" poetically translated in English I AM THAT I AM. In Hebrew it would mean something like "EXIST/BE! Who is EXIST/BE!"

GOD was telling Moses of HIS total EXISTING, HIS total BEING and that HE IS. But then again something struck and rang a bell in my head. AHYH sounds strangely familiar and close to my heart. Because in the Malay language, Ayah is Father! Now, like i said, this is purely my personal view point. But can you imagine... GOD telling Moses, "Moses, Daddy who IS Daddy." WOW! Imagine that. Most of us take this verse to be something pretty impersonal actually. GOD was presenting His absolute Glory as I AM THAT I AM. But now we see how GOD wants to be with us so closely, even with Moses. Daddy who IS Daddy... Man i tell you, i feel so blessed that He is now in us. That's how close He wanted to be with Moses but the Helper was not sent yet as the Son has not yet been glorified.

Ready for one more?

Check this out. In Arabic, Ayah means Sign or Miracle. So, GOD said this to Moses, "Moses, Sign who IS the Sign", "Moses, Miracle who IS Miracle." GOD wants us to know that HE IS THE SIGN & MIRACLE! HE IS! Man, He is such an awesome GOD. Even today He gives us a fresh knowing of His Word.

Which then brings me to the study of Aleph.

Aleph has the gematria of 1. HE is the only One. The Only Supreme GOD. Within Aleph itself we're given the Secret to the coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The letter Aleph is written with 2 Yods and 1 Vav. As we can see how Aleph is written we have 1 Yod above the Vav and 1 Yod below the Vav. The gematria shown is that Yod carries a value of 10, Vav 6. So (2 x 10) + 6 = 26. Which is equivalent to the gematria of GOD's name YHVH. WOW! GOD speaks even through the individual letter that He has created!

Let us see how the revelation of His Son is given through Aleph.

If we draw a horizontal line cutting across the middle of Aleph, we can see the separation of two realms. The divine which is Heaven and His Realm that's without end and the earthly realm where we are. The Yods above and below symbolises GOD's sovereign Hand touching Heaven and crossing over to our realm to touch us. But how? Through the Vav! Vav's gematria is 6, the number of man as man was created on the 6th day. So GOD has to transcend and descend from the Heavenly places through a Man to be with us! And Vav's pictogram is also a hook. So, we can see the lower part of the Vav in Aleph is hooked. GOD wants to be hooked with us and to us! Thank you Father GOD! You love us so much that you want to be hooked to us. So as You sent Your Son and Him being glorified on the cross, He has sent us the Helper in us! Wow! Awesome is our GOD, ain't HE? So now, we are One with Him.

The gematria of Yod is 10. It can be said that it represents our works, the Laws but it also represents GOD's Hands. Gematria of 1 and 0. Beginning and the End. The Alpha and the Omega. The Aleph and the Tav! As Jesus is with us from the Beginning to the End on Earth, He also will be with us in Heaven. Aleph, with the GOD-MAN from the Beginning to the End. Hallelujah! And as we can see, in Aleph, the Man/Vav is not orientated vertically like in the writing of the singular letter of, ו Vav. It is actually slanted to a diagonal, 45 degrees almost. The letter is struck down. The top or head of the Vav is actually pointing downwards to the earth. Prophetic in nature isn't it?

Isaiah 53:4 says,

Surely he hath borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows: yet we did esteem him stricken, smitten of God, and afflicted. (emphasis is added)

In Hebrew, stricken is נגוע Naga, meaning: violently, to strike (punish, defeat, destroy).

Our Lord was violently stricken, punished to be defeated and destroyed. Yet He rose again and defeated the evil one to give us our Victory. Hallelujah... We love you Lord Jesus.

And finally, the alphabet in Hebrew is known as the Aleph-Bet. And is contracted to be את Et.

In Genesis 1:1 the bible says,

In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.

Bereshit bara Elohim et shamayim eth herets. (emphasis added)

Literally, it means, "Beginning, created by God AlephTav(alphabet) then heaven and earth."

So, what is AlephTav or better yet who IS AlephTav?

Revelations 22:13

I am Alpha and Omega, the beginning and the end, the first and the last.

And He is our Lord Jesus Christ, His name be Glorified upon all the earth above and below.

Amen & Hallelujah!

In awe of Your Majesty my Father, Your son,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Salvation is Greater than Creation...

Shalom Shalom One & All...


For the first time i saw my baby girl's face in 3D during the scan. I tell you, the feeling is great! To know that i'm becoming a daddy, man, so so blessed!

We know that Salvation is greater than Creation... What a kick in the head when we know how awesome is our GOD with His hand in Creation. Creation itself is so beautifully magnificient. Just like my baby. So perfect in every way. What more is our Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him, there is no glue to this universe. It is He who Binds, Our Father's Creation together. And finally with His breath, there comes LIFE... Eternal Life in Him. As we glorify Jesus, Our Redeemer, Saviour, we also enjoy His Creation.

Thank you Abba.

Daddy God, You Loved me first. And now you have given me a gift for me to Love and have a glimpse of your Heart.

Your son,

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

In my weakness, His strength is made Perfect.

Hi dearly beloved,

Have we ever at times felt that in our circumstances we needed to do something more about it? But as we keep trying and trying, it seems to make us more powerless. Impotent to some extent. Even when we start thinking about "how" to rest in that situation can give us strive.

Paul said it so beautifully here:

2 Corinthians 12:9 And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.

Are we willing to give up and be willing to be weak to our own abilities and allow the Lord's strength to be perfected in us? Are we willing to say, "Lord i am weak in this circumstance, i look to Your Perfect Strength to conquer this situation."

Let's bring ourselves back to Moses' first encounter with GOD. Now we know that Moses was a Prince of Egypt. He pretty much gave all that up by running away into the desert. He had all the power and influence as part of the Egyptian royal family. But after he ran away, our Moses became a shepherd. A great picture for us all as believers. A shepherd is a picture of our Lord Jesus. But there was one thing that happened before GOD commissioned Moses to deliver the people of Israel. There was one thing before Moses was empowered by GOD to do His bidding and the power of God at his hands. This was what God said,

Exodus 4 : 2-3

And the LORD said unto him, What is that in thine hand? And he said, A rod.

3 And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it.

God asked Moses to now throw down the only thing that symbolized Moses' abilities and strengths. His shepherd's rod/staff. A symbol of authority a shepherd had over his flock. Without his rod, Moses is no more. No more Prince of Egypt, not even a shepherd. Worse case scenario, the rod turned into a poisonous serpent! Of course Moses freaked. Therefore he fled, fearing he might be bitten by the serpent.

Then GOD spoke again,

Exodus 4 : 4

And the LORD said unto Moses, Put forth thine hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand:

Moses obeyed GOD and picked up the serpent by its tail. Now, is this the wisest move? Not necessarily, by holding a snake by the tail, the chances of the snake turning around and biting you is very high. Then again, it goes to show that Moses had to rely on GOD to prevent the serpent from biting him.

From this account, we can clearly see that GOD's intention was to ask Moses not to rely on his own abilities and strengths but to rely upon HIM. Best part was, Moses' obedience to GOD. GOD said, throw your strengths and abilities down, Moses just did it. We can see from this occasion that Moses did not question GOD. Unlike other occasions where Moses is seen questioning GOD and even complaining. But this instance, Moses did not. His humble obedience is what's required.

So, what we can learn here is that, give up our abilities, give up "trying" to do something when you know that this is ultimately His work, His decision. After doing so, then the Lord will confer back your abilities to you. That's when GOD will turn the serpent back into the rod. That's when we know our abilities and strengths come from Him and there is nothing we can boast ourselves of.

And as we take back the rod, the rod becomes His rod.

Exodus 4 : 20

And Moses took his wife and his sons, and set them upon an ass, and he returned to the land of Egypt: and Moses took the rod of God in his hand.

Now, we can see the ordinary rod has become The Rod of God.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, we look unto Him and cast down all our natural abilities at His feet and with this seeming act of weakness, we are actually imbuing ourselves with His Perfect Strength!

Hallelujah! Now we can boldly say, "Jesus i am so weak, so impotent but you're strong and my strength comes from you alone." Amen.

Be blessed by His abundant Grace and we receive, always.


Monday, May 21, 2007

Turn the other cheek... Decoding Matthew 5:39

Hi everyone! This awesome article is borrowed with courtesy from

Enjoy & be Blessed!

Turning the other cheek : Decoding Matthew 5:39

Heard during the Thursday, September 22 sermon
"But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also." (Matthew 5:39, KJV)

Think about it. When the right hand is used to slap somebody's face (the person standing face-to-face with the individual executing the slap), that slapping hand would usually connect with the left-side of that person's face. That would be the most convenient flow-through of the slapping action.
If the hand connected with the right cheek as is indicated in Matthew 5:39, it would not be the palm of the hand that connected with the face but rather the knuckles. This suggests that: not so much that force was intended to be inflicted by something else was intended.
THIS ACTION OF SMITING ON THE RIGHT CHEEK WAS A CHALLENGE TO A DUEL. Later in Europe, this action developed into using a glove to strike the right cheek to signal the challenge to duel.

Therefore, by turning the other cheek, Jesus is simply saying: DON'T ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE TO DUEL. It does not mean, that the Christian, rolls over and plays dead when attacked. Rather, Matthew 5:39 is an exhortation to not be agitated into reacting. TO be an ACTOR not RE-ACTOR. To be a Thermostat and not a Thermometer.

The same principle applies and is followed through in Matthew 5:41

And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain."

The Romans had a law that compelled their subjects to carry their loads one mile. After that mile, the subject was free to go. By volunteering to carry the load another mile, the subject reverses roles with the Roman. The Roman was in control at the onset because it was he who issued the order to compel the subject to carry the load. The subject was helpless to refuse this Roman ordinance. But by going beyond the ordinance and offering to carry the load one extra mile, the subject was now in control of the situation. The subject is now the leader and not re-actor.