Thursday, May 24, 2007

Salvation is Greater than Creation...

Shalom Shalom One & All...


For the first time i saw my baby girl's face in 3D during the scan. I tell you, the feeling is great! To know that i'm becoming a daddy, man, so so blessed!

We know that Salvation is greater than Creation... What a kick in the head when we know how awesome is our GOD with His hand in Creation. Creation itself is so beautifully magnificient. Just like my baby. So perfect in every way. What more is our Salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ. Without Him, there is no glue to this universe. It is He who Binds, Our Father's Creation together. And finally with His breath, there comes LIFE... Eternal Life in Him. As we glorify Jesus, Our Redeemer, Saviour, we also enjoy His Creation.

Thank you Abba.

Daddy God, You Loved me first. And now you have given me a gift for me to Love and have a glimpse of your Heart.

Your son,

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