Tuesday, February 13, 2007

One Flock, One Shepherd

Hi everybody!

I'd just like to move on from my previous blog at evan.tedfox.com.

I was a former muslim believer and now gloriously saved by our Lord Jesus Christ, i can see what life is like without a Saviour and how awesomely different it is with a Saviour!

Just to let all of you know... Yes! There are Malay Christians in Singapore! Out of no compulsion or coercion have i received our Lord Jesus Christ but my own free will and the Grace of our Glorious GOD! Hallelujah...

Previously, as a muslim believer, whenever i prayed, god always seems so distant for me. I felt though i prayed, i could not feel God's presence in my life. I could speak to god, but it seems like god never spoke back. There was no certainty of life here on earth or in heaven. But praise be to God, He sent His Son to save us to assure us a place in Heaven!

How comforting it is to know that because God loved us first, from the beginning of time and that He understood our needs so well, He knew we needed some saving. His awesome Grace Manifest Yeshua HaMashiach came from the Heavenly places for us. The most important thing for us to know and TRUELY believe is that GOD loved us first. It is not our love for Him that saves us. It is the knowing that He gave the original LOVE. We receive it wholly and embrace that love as a child to our Father. With that then can we believe that He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Christ for us. The impossibility of the idea that God CAN love us that much to sacrifice Himself boggles the mind.

As a muslim previously, i never understood this love from our Abba Father. All i knew was god as a judge, merciful, omniscient, omnipotent but most of all still a judge. And his verdict? Not sure. As he wills, they say. So, life hangs by a tether of a thread. In extreme caution of the balance. All the while trying to keep balancing the scales of judgment. How impossible it is most definitely. I'm sure most of our muslim brothers and sisters will feel this way. I knew i was lost and needed some help. After the intellectual approach failed me, i literally gave up and just talked to God as if He was my friend. I asked Him,"Hey Man, Big Dude up there. I know you're there. But which Way? Buddha, Muhammad, Jesus?... Tell me, show me."

Slowly but surely God revealed Himself to me. As i read further into scripture, studying more about who Jesus is, i always approached with an open heart. And this made the difference. Allowing God to work in me. Of course starting to attend church with my then girlfriend, now wife, made more changes within me. After attending church for about 6 months or so, there was an altar call and something about speaking in tongues which my wife asked me whether i'd like to receive. I kind of nodded my head and walked up to the pulpit. We were ushered to another room, said the sinner's prayer and suddenly one by one of us were speaking in tongues! I didn't know what i was saying but i was crying like a child. I felt God's awesome love for me. One insignificant human being on this earth but significant in God's eyes for His Kingdom. What a glorious day that was in 2003 July.

But the increase in my faith came with that fateful day in November 2005 when a friend of ours brought us to the church she was attending... Worship began. Hmmm... Liking it, i said to myself. Then service started, this really funny lookin pastor came out... and the moment he opened his mouth... Man i'm hooked! This IS the WORD that i've been looking for! Every single bit of it i devoured. Like a hungry child, i ate and ate and i'm still not full. The true unadulterated Word of GOD is preached here. The Truth, the joy, the happiness and the PEACE set in to my soul. Shalom Peace, God sowed in my heart. I hardly miss church and every sunday is an adventure race! An encounter with Jesus is what i look for.

I praise GOD Almighty for this awesome Church that He has built. God's glory permeates through all the pastors and leaders. I thank God for that opportuned moment that He led us there and with that, my faith is increased day to day. All glory to our Father, i love you Jesus! And Holy Spirit, thanks for being there guiding me all the time, every time.

I hinge my calling strongly on John 10:14-16.

Jesus said, “I am the good shepherd; and I know my sheep, and am known by My own. As the Father knows Me, even so I know the Father; and I lay down My life for the sheep. And other sheep I have which are not of this fold; them also I must bring, and they will hear My voice; and there will be one flock and one shepherd.” John 10:14-16

This scripture gives me comfort and my Rest in the Lord, knowing that HE is the one that will bring all my malay brethren to his Kingdom and i pray that He will use me as His worker. For we know and are sure that the "harvest is plentiful".
Luke 10:2
He told them, The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.

So, thank you everyone for taking time to read this blog and my wish is for you to spread this to everyone you know, especially to your malay friends.

Final shout out of thanks to Jesus my Saviour, GOD Almighty and His Magnificient Spirit in us!

Hallelujah and Amen to that.


cybeRanger said...

Shalom Shalom!
Continue to blog for His glory ya. Hallelujah! :)

mynn said...

Hi reza, please tell me further about your experience to my email. mynn_ms@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

Arloe. I'm a sgrean malay muslim. I think it is interesting to find out how a malay christian went through his/her conversion. Mind if I add you to my blogroll? :) Thats all only.

ddd said...

Interesting. Would be eager in reading more of your posts.

Zaharan Razak said...

Hi, I'm a Malaysian Muslim. I have no wish to judge you. At the risk of being thought of as putting my foot in your door, let me raise a few questions. One, almost everybody seems to be anonymous here. Is this because you are afraid of being persecuted, ostracized or oppressed by some people? This anonymity may make some people wonder if you are a poseur, a non-Malay Christian pretending to be a Malay planted here for some secret agenda.
Even if you are a Malay and a Christian why belabor it and wear it on your shirt sleeve while at the same time hiding behind anonymity? A bit clashing, if not overcooked, don't you think? I apologize if I sound judgmental there.

Before becoming a Christian have you done any window-shopping and looking at catalogs of various beliefs like Buddhism, Hinduism, Atheism, Rationalism, Islam itself deeply enough and then decide to buy product A and not B or C? Have you studied comparative religions?

I'm not trying to throw a spanner into your mindset but just to share a common interest, assuming we do share a common interest - religions.

Coming a bit closer to your case, have you read any books touching on the subject of Islam-Christianity such as Ahmad Deedat, the story about Khatijah's cousin who was a Christian when he "anointed" Muhammad, the case about how Islam accepts Christianity but Christianity rejects Islam? I'm not defending or attacking either religion or any other for that matter. My standpoint is always one of impartiality when discussing inter-religious matters. My faith in Islam is a personal thing and it is not a standpoint in order to judge others. I don't believe religions more so God for that matter needs defending like he is your kid sister or can be "attacked" as God by definition is beyond such presumptuous human activities.

Finally I hope you can see this uninvited discussion of mine as an interesting and stimulating view that can only add rigor and vigor to whatever choices you make.

Thank you for your indulgence.

Timothy said...

Hey bro, i don't know who u are, but i juz wanna encourage you by saying Jesus loves you, he is for you and he is with you always.


Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!!Praise be to Him and Him alone!
I am so touched by what He have done on the Malay fellows....And i knew there are many Malays in my country are saved and will be saved!!If He allows me, i would like to know (or meet) some of them. Because their conversion is greatly manifest His LOVE and His POWER upon human.
And i really hope to know their progression in M'sia...they are not lacking of our prayer!May God bless them!Amen.

Anonymous said...

You write in good English, studied up to JC or maybe university perhaps. You do not listen to rock music. You very 'unmat' leh. Do you say relac one corner?

Emmanuel said...

Hi there Anonymous posted on 21st Nov.

Emmanuel here.

Yes i'm very "un-Mat" as you said.
I thank you for your comment that i write well. I was taught well by my father and i have a natural hunger to read and write.

I do listen to rock music, it was the foundation of my teenage life so to speak. But i love electric guitar virtuosos such as Steve Vai, Yngwie Malmsteen, Joe Satriani, Marty Friedman etc.

Yes, i do say "relak 1 corner".
I am Malay but it doesn't mean that i have to talk and sound like a "Mat" so to speak. I can if i wanted too, but i choose not to.

With many cultures in SG, we sometimes naturally get stuck in the stereotypes that people tag one another with.

But praise be to God we're all One in the Body of Christ we're all A New Creation in Christ.

Shalom & God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi Zaharan
Just to let you know that you have been very blessed by this blog.

I am a Malay Christian and have searched both the Quran, five volumes of Sahih Muslim, had all literatures and videos of Ahmed Deedat, was a Muslim evangelist, research Muhd. and Isa Al-Masih. All these were my efforts to search for the truth of the one true God. In the end I cried to God for help. God showed me something that was beyond this world and in which made me completely happy. Yet I searched for another year till I gave up again and surrendered my life to God in 2003. Without knowing much I was set free, free from guilt, past, etc.I was a new creation..I don't even know why and dont knowanything about salvation?? Then that night I had a dream and was told to be baptised the following thursday afternoon. The next day, I saw a vision of Isa Al-masih on the cross, in my living room..It arrived right in front of me and He said " I died for u"..I searched the bible and my eyes were opened to Abraham sacrificing Issac..God revealed His love to me..then at the same time the Ka'abah played in my memory and that millions of Muslims went to Hajj to redeem their sins by sacrficing animals but God himself has came up with a sacrifice for us all..and that is Isa Al masih..the unblemished and the perfect one. You may not believe these but it is happening..many Muslims are accepting Isa Al Masih thru God revealing Himself in any way He chooses. One had met Isa Al Masih in Madina!! I want to encourage you to keep searching, probing and challenging any issues you have. God's spirit will show you the way. Bless you in Jesus Name.

Brutalbob said...

I'm a Singaporean Malay, born a Muslim (I was born in New York City) and happy to be one. im from the middle income and above group; do not play soccer or guitars. i do not have an American accent. I'm modern and I've got plenty of friends from all walks of live, races and religions. I travel only in business class, been to the Vatican and heard the pope give his sermon. I'm in my mid 40s and I've got an attitude of 'been there and done that'.

Here is my piece.

A practicing Muslim will never convert to other religion unless someone points a gun to his head.

Islam is not a religion, its a way of life.

If a person claims to convert from a Muslim to another religion; well, that person was never a Muslim to begin with.

Personally, I've met quite a number of Malay Christian converts. I've also met a lot of other races converting to Islam. I'm very happy with what I've seen in the Muslim converts.

I don't get a feeling of loss when i hear a Malay converting to Christianity or other religion. Religion is a personal choice. How i practice my religion is different from the guy next to me.

Personally, I repeat again, personally, I think that the Christians are not working hard enough to convert the Malays in Singapore Malaysia or any other race on this planet. You guys have spent millions of dollars annually on promoting your religion. Islam on the other hand has spent next to nothing on their promotion, matter of fact, Islam suffers from bad publicity all the time. Remember 911? I'm sure did cos I was in Los Angeles when it happened. That was the ultimate bad publicity for Islam ever... some screwball hijacked the religion and whacked the Americans with it! I was shocked and extremely disappointed.

what else do Islam has for bad publicity? the Taliban's, Terrorism, people like Mas Selamat, Bali bombers...Gawd...Islam has nothing but negativeness in it. There is nothing good you can hear about Islam these days.

I've got this nagging question to ask people here... don't get me wrong, some of my best friends are Christians, some of them are even those redneck snake healer kind of Baptist fellas that wears huge cross on their chest.

My question is; if Islam is really that terrible and Malay Muslims Singaporean/Malaysians are converting to Christianity by the dozens each day... then how come Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today according to CNN and other reliable western sources?

remember..Muslims don't believe in spending their money on promoting Islam as much as the Christians do. you don't get to see Muslim missionary in the jungles of papua new guinea or the amazon do you?

My final piece is this; irregardless whether its the fastest growing religion or the slowest; the true religion or not..

Islam is a way of life.There are people out there that simply cannot follow certain type of regime such as the Islamic do's and dont's.. so, they opted out. whats the big deal about that? Are they going to hell or heaven for that? God will decide. He knows everything as I only knows what he wants me to know.

so for anyone leaving Islam, Christianity or other religion and start mocking their former religion here or better still, regular Joes with too much time in their hands to disguise themselves as such... is so not cool dude.

Chill bro..


As a true Muslim, I feel sorry for u n ur kind. U hv not understood and loved Islam truly before u easily gave up on the religion. If u had studied ur ex-religion better u wld hv never given up soooo easily. For all religion has but one GOD. Only his "sheep" has strayed from the path. I pray for my fellow MUSLIM to stay on the right path that they have chosen even before they were born. My sympathy for u and ur kind for the early surrender to the dark side.

Emmanuel said...

Hi Brutalbob,

Thanks for your comment. My blog is just a place for me to share my testimony to being a born again Christian. I'm not here to mock Islam but to share my personal journey to faith as a Christian. How I felt, how i practiced Islam previously and my experiences as I have mentioned is entirey personal and NOT representative of the Muslim community. I'm glad you have shared your visceral fortitude of never ever wanting to convert out of Islam unless someone points a gun to your heard. That is the utmost commitment on your end to your faith.

As for the statistics, they are all just numbers and determined by who calls for the statistics. There are also unofficial numbers of Muslims turning to Christ, as large as 1 million underground Christian believers in Iran and many more in the middle east. They are not reported for obvious reasons. They WILL have a gun put to their heads and the trigger pulled just by becoming an apostate.

Jesus forgave those who persecuted Him and never executed judgment on them.

Yes, I AM a regular Joe but I'm not disguising myself as a Christian. I AM a Christian. Neither am I mocking Islam, all I have just mentioned was my personal experience.

So, anyway, I hope you have endeavoured to read the rest of my entries. I'm sure there'll something there that you can be blessed with.

Shalom to you and your family. Lots of Love, the Abundance of Grace and Favour be upon you and your family.

God Bless you Richly Bro!


Emmanuel said...

Hi Zubaidah,

Thank you for your comment and your sympathy towards me and my "kind".

Though, we Christians have become lesser beings in your sight, we are highly favoured and are now called the children of GOD/YHVH and He is in us right now. I have made my peace with GOD/YHVH because it is HE who is my peace.

Contrary to what you have mentioned, I understand and learn more about Islam now. It is with a heightened fervour now that I read verses in the Al-Quran more frequently than before.

I have also endeavoured to learn more of the original Hebrew and Greek text of the bible to have a deeper revelation of GOD's Word in my life.

I GAVE UP on GOD but He did not give up on me. HE was always there to love me and He is still loving me all the way till eterntiy.

All religions believe in a God or pantheon of Gods (Hindus, Greek mythos, Chinese Taoism/Deity worship systems etc.)

But my Faith, is in a GOD that is a saving GOD, a GOD that calls Himself Yeshua/Salvation. He is the ultimate LOVE sacrifice for me and me alone. And HE is YHVH, the great I AM.

He has predestinated me to be with Him, but the path that I choose in this life is a conscious path that I have chosen in this lifetime.

He has forgiven my sins even before I was born. Now that is my destiny! A child of God born and waiting to realise that I have a glorious life ahead of me where my sins are forgiven me for eternity and I am righteous before the Holy One because it is HIM who has made me righteous! And righteousness is a gift that I cannot buy and work for on my own. It is something that I receive freely, gladly and most thankfully!

I appreciate your sympathy that I have turned to the "dark" side so early. Then again when night falls, and the moon shining bright to light up the world, what the world receives is a false light. A light reflected from the true source, the Sun, shining brightly always, even though the world seems dark and only partially lit by the moon. But as sure as day and night, day will come, and the Sun will be seen it it's full glory and the world receives the Sun's warmth embracing them from the cold of the night.

So you see sister, darkness and light is a perception of the Truth.

It is up to you to believe what you want to believe, and it is also up to me to believe what I want to believe.

But I choose to believe that the SON of GOD embraced me and kept me warm in the darkest moments of my life. His Love never left me, He gave Himself up for me, He took my punishment, that I be saved and be received into the Kingdom and be one with my Father.

You see, GOD is One. One in Love with you and me. Just like your mummy and daddy. Mummy and Daddy is in One spirit when they had you. And their love is always there for you. God's love transcends this love much more, above and beyond what we can think of.

Yes I have surrendered. I have surrendered myself to the Love of GOD/YHVH. Have you surrendered yourself to His unselfish love? His sacrificial love for you? His love that He wants to call you His child?

I hope that you have also endeavoured to read the rest of my entries. I'm sure you will be blessed in some way or another.

Much blessings and Shalom peace to you and your family. The abundance of Grace and Favour be upon you and your family, health and wholeness to one and all.

God bless you richly Sister!


Zaharan Razak said...

Two quick comments Emmanuel. It is not true that all religions believe in the existence of God. Buddhism comes to mind. Another is atheism. Existentialism is closely related.

You change the meaning of "dark" as used by Zubaidah and then "attack" whatever new meaning you gave it. So you are not talking with Zubaidah here but merely use her as a pretext or stepping stone to launch off on your hobby-horse, a cheap tactic of snake oil street sales most unchristianlike. Would you like God to take your offered hand and prayers and then use it to rant away about some other stuff unrelated to your need, to the specific feeling expressed in your gesture? Do you really read the subtext or "prelangue" of Zubaidah's use of the word "dark"? Now what don't you address Zubaidah's heart and mind like God would have done instead of pouring out what is in yours to superimpose on hers? That's is a wrestling move or palin bullying to me clother in stereotypical and cliched rhetoric.

Now, I'm addressing your mind! But I admit I'm ignoring your heart ... for the moment. Haha!

Emmanuel said...

Hi Zaharan,

In response to your comment about Zubaidah's post.

Well when i mentioned "all" religions, i knew i was talking about religions that are based on a deity/s system. I know Buddhism doesn't believe in a God, existentialism is what The Matrix is all about and many other belief systems that do not require a divine hand in it.

Tell me Zaharan, how else can i intepret Zubaidah's statement when she said,"...for u and ur kind for the early surrender to the dark side."

I'm sure her obvious assumption is that what i believe in is evil, from the dark side. How else can i understand her statement? With this understanding i shared about perceptions between light and dark and the source of the light. Now, did i not mention about the freedom to believe what she wants to believe and i the same? If she believes that her faith is the true source of the light and mine is the dark side. So be it. And if i believe otherwise, so be it also.

So i don't get what you're trying to say about me trying to be the snake oil medicine man thing.

You are an intellectual man. Mature in age and experience but your heart does not seem to flow with love for your neighbour.

Of course i would saddle up on my hobby horse in talking about Jesus and how blessed i am with Him in me. That's the whole idea of this blog anyway.

Jesus is the one that I glorify, not me. It is He who I exalt.

I'm here to share about God's love in my life and that He loves you too. You are His child, you are precious to Him, He wants to call you His own and bless you abundantly, beyond all that you can imagine.

Shalom Bro,

Anonymous said...

Judging from the comments from the Muslim readers here... they simply reinforce the fact that the Muslims are generally unaccepting of everything beyond their faith. There's just no room for such mindset in this day and age.
And for the person who said 'why hide behind anonymity'... take a moment to think please. From all the events that happen in this world today, can you blame non-Muslims for believing that Muslims actually think it's alright to hurt and kill non-Muslims, especially converts? You're feared for all the wrong reasons.

Anonymous said...

To fellow Muslim readers... when you worship, do your leaders call on unity among all races and religions? Do your leaders pray for 'brothers' and 'sisters' of all faiths, or do you only consider fellow Muslims to be your brothers? When Chinese New Year, Deepavali and Christmas are celebrated, do your leaders announce festive wishes to Buddhist/Chinese, Hindu, Christian 'brothers' and 'sisters'? This might sound new to you... but this is actually done in Churches and I believe other non-Muslim places of worship too.

Victoria Ho said...


I googled Lighthouse evangelism and Holy Spirit Meeting and came to know your blog. I am encouraged. I was with Lighthouse for 8 years. Now I am in a church called to empower people in apostolic anointing. When i was in Lighthouse I remembered there were malays converts giving their testimonies on the pulpit. I believe you could be one of those that came to Lighthouse after me. It is refeshing to read a testimony from a ex-muslim.

May the Lord use you mightily.

Anonymous said...

I am truly amazed at your faith, Emmanuel.

I am a Buddhist now, and used to be Muslim from birth. I was born in a strong Muslim family, my dad was a Well known Ustaz and my mom a religious school teacher. I studied much about religion but there came a point I asked Allah - WHO YOU REALLY ARE?

Being humans, we are very limited in our knowledge. I read the Quran, the Sunnah and still had doubts and feared to question them.

I started searching other religion stuff, like the Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, etc. I even attended Comparative Religion and read literatures and viewed Ahmad Deedat's work, Dr Zakir Naik, etc.

I came to a point of still searching, even till today. This God I know as ALLAH still seemed distant in Islam to me. The muslims themselves seem distant in LOVE amongst people of ALL OTHER FAITHS. How do we expect Non-Muslims to view Islam without those misconception? If there is no love, there will not be tolerance from people and no one is going to be honest in practising their own faiths. I knew the Muslims use religion as politics to get the numbers in statistics.

Looking at the real truth, there are many converts out of PAPERS so you shall never get the real numbers of the SOULs that are converting out of Islam. All in the statistics are just the non-muslim converts to Muslims which eventually makes u think the fastest growing religion is Islam in the world. There is no religion on earth that has persecution and death sentence for opting out of their religion as the ISLAM religion has.

It's just like the AIDS disease. In statistics, we get the countries affected and numbers of people affected by AIDS. But in real life, how many people are being screened for HIV in each country? These statistics are based upon cases of people who truly go regularly for their check-up, or in maternity or other blood related transfusion, etc. Not the healthy ones and those who NEVER go to hospitals in the world, who are living and thinking they are safe from AIDS and other diseases. The common case scenario - a heart attack patient only knows they have a heart attack issue, when their heart attacks them.

This is the exact phenomenon about the numbers we get in statistics when they claim the fastest growing religion is Islam.

To the thinking mind, not all will ask GOD WHO REALLY HE IS. But a lot of people are asking these days. It's truly PERSONAL and not for ANYONE TO JUDGE. Let it be GOD ALONE, PLEASE.

To those who judge, are you sure u shall be in paradise??? Go ask GOD ok.

Don't you think these people are truly seeking God, and thus, knowing our limited abilities and understanding, they need GOD to speak directly to them about who he is.

So if I get a vision such as you, Emmanuel, I am sure I will accept this reality of this GOD who finally answered my prayers and my QUESTIONS.

Ignore those who don't see the light and uses psychology to hurt the soul. Just know that in the end, its not the earthly life that matters. Its the Heavenly life that is utmost important to focus on.

I for one, am a Muslim Lover and thus never think the Muslims are bad or evil at all, despite living within a Muslim Community for these 44 years. I just feel sooooo sorry for muslims who are so in love with Allah that they TRY THEIR BEST to SEEK HIM, WORK RIGHTEOUSNESS, OBEY HIS COMMANDMENTS, ETC, in order to gain entry into Paradise. In fact, the Muslims are closest to us who seek God cause they truly LOVE GOD without questioning GOD at all. It's a great story of UTMOST FAITH and every religion out there should practise the FAITH of a Muslim Heart. A heart that do not question. I wish I could, but I AM TRULY HUMAN and cannot fight my mind that wants to KNOW THE TRUTH.

I, for one, do love Allah extremely. But I question ALLAH OFTEN in prayers. I still pray the Muslim way, but I have secretly loved Buddhism for its philosophy and wisdom. This does not mean I accept reincarnation as my faith. I accept what my mind perceives as rightful.

Now, after reading your story, this makes me want to explore the religion my ancestors always claim was distorted - CHRISTIANITY. Seriously, I never did think of Christianity at all, but looking at this point of why so many malays are converting into christianity, I am serious to seek the reason.



I shall not judge you. Cause I have friends I know who are Malaysian Malays and are attending Christian secret churches for their protection because they choose Christianity. These are not just normal ppl, but are highly educated people who have very good economic returns and I am surprised at the faith that makes them blessed even more and makes them VERY HUMBLE, LOVING and KIND to all people. They even never hate other faiths or races, but always claims brotherhood for all people of all races. These people do not give their numbers to the Govt, cause there is no way the Govt shall accept their plea or request for opting out.

Muslims cannot just continue treating the MUSLIMS alone as brothers and sisters. How about humanity? Did not Allah create ALL CREATIONS and thus, our fellow brothers and sisters are truly our responsibility to love as well?

I just love all human beings and treat everyone as my beloved brothers and sisters, despite whichever faith they are from. I leave Allah alone to judge.

I am sure Allah has a plan to bring his creation to grace. Why would our Creator create us in order to destroy us? If he wanted, He could have created ONE RELIGION in the world. But why is there many religion? There shud be an answer. Wallahualam

Truly, to God belongs all glory and May Allah be forever praised.

Emmanuel said...

Hi Victoria,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I'm sure it must have been totally Spirit led. : )

I'm not from Lighthouse but from another non-denominational church in SG. We are blessed to be One in the Body of Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. The Lord will use me mightily in His ways and we are all just but epistles to His Word.

God bless you richly Victoria!

Shalom to you and your family.

Lots of love,

Emmanuel said...

Hi Anonymous who is a Buddhist now,

Thank you for visiting my blog. I admire your courage and I totally understand what you are talking about from beginning to end. : )

I am encouraged to hear that you took that first step to question the validity of your previous beliefs.

God is a gentleman. He will not force His ways on you. He will encourage you, love you, nurture you and wants you to come home. Just like any good parent would. To ascribe human emotions and personalities to God may seem foreign to some and blasphemous even to others.

But this is who God is. We ARE made in His image. God as Jesus who walked the earth 2000+ years ago, felt everything you and I felt. That's why in the bible Jesus is also known as the Son of Man. To be one with us, to emphatise with us, to live our lives. To know what is joy, sadness, hurt, anger, pain.

But though He was in the flesh, He was also perfect, sinless, blameless till He was hung on the cross as the Son of God who was forsaken by the world He came to save.

Your prayers are with me. Speak to God like He is your father, brother, lover or friend. Whichever you're most comfortable with first. Just speak to Him. Tell Him you want to see Him. It might not be in dreams and visions but maybe in terms of revelations through His Word.

Take your time to read through my other entries. Get a bible of your own if you could. Pray and ask Him to reveal Himself in the Word. If the Christian text(New Testament/Evangelion/Injil) is corrupt, so would the Jewish text(Old Testament/TaNaKh{Torah-Laws, Tanakh-Writings,Nevi'im-Prophets}). If these were corrupt I would not understand why at least for the Old Testament it has been 99% accurate and contextually the same for 3500 years. I'm not here to propose about the validity of the texts, but for your own research, do have a read of the bible on your own. To have a flavour of it. You would appreciate the level of chronology and synchronicity it has over the millenias of writings. From the OT all the way to the NT. At least I did. That was the most striking feature that i found very interesting in the bible. The OT had been neatly arranged in chronological order with most geneaological lines being written down.

Humanity has a father. HE is our Abba. GOD, YHVH. He came to save us all. He IS a saving God/Yeshua. Whatever situation or circumstances you're in, He is there to save you. He IS in the midst of it all.

You wrote in your last paragraph that you know God has a plan to bring His creation to Grace.

Here's something you:
John 1:17 For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.

My advice is also for you to read the preceding verses, maybe from verse 8 which talks about Jesus/Yeshua as the True Light.

So you see, though the Law is encapsulated in letters(AlephBet) and writings, either on stone or parchment, Grace and Truth CAME by Jesus Christ. Grace and Truth came via a personality. God as Yeshua. We cannot come to the truth via the Law, no doubt the Law has glory because it is of God, but the letter kills.
2Corinthians 3:6-9
6 who also has made us able ministers of the new covenant; not of the letter, but of the spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit makes alive.
7 But if the ministry of death, having been engraved in letters in stone was with glory (so that the sons of Israel could not steadfastly behold the face of Moses because of the glory of his face), which was being done away;
8 shall not the ministry of the Spirit be with more glory?
9 For if the ministry of condemnation is glorious, much more does the ministry of righteousness exceed in glory.

But the Spirit gives Life! Jesus came so that we will be made righteous before the Father, not because of what we have done but because of what He has done!

Isn't this the epitomy of the ego-less self? I can now no longer glory of my good works to be righteous with God but now my righteousness is a gift! Nothing that i can do or do not do can change this. My righteousness now is no longer dependent on my good works but my ability to accept a gift. This is the Gift of Righteousness.
Romans 5:17 For if by one man's offense death reigned by one, much more they who receive abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by One, Jesus Christ.)

You DO have the key to God's kingdom. Though He is God, He loves His children to seek out His treasures! And you are Kings in His kingdom.
Proverbs 25:2 The glory of God is to hide a thing; but the honor of kings is to search out a matter.

To know God is not to know and follow a religion. To know God is to have an intimate relationship with Him. We are in His fellowship.
1Corinthians 1:9 God is faithful, by whom you were called to the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

The word "Know" or "Knew" in the bible has a very personal meaning to it. It is to the effect of knowing experientially, personally, and in the case of Adam and Eve in Genesis 4:1 when they "knew" each other is of course when they made love and conceived Cain. The Hebrew word is "Yada".

To that extent, that is how God wants us to know Him and He wanting to be with us. That is how intimate our relationship with Him is.

Seek a relationship with Him, soon you will stop asking about which religion. You WILL "Know" Him. Because He already "knows" you. : )

Hallelujah. Praise be to YHVH.

All Glory, All Honour, His Name be lifted up, Yeshua HaMashiach!

Shalom to you and your family.

You are greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved,

PS: All the verses i quoted, please read them in context ok. Go to the chapters and read preceding and proceeding verses to get the whole picture and value of those verses. Thanks.

Tuhan-itu-Gembalaku said...

Dear Reza Emmanuel,

I'm proud to know and understand of your maturity in Christ through your testimony and response to our dear friends the Muslims.

Well, I am also like you giving my life to Christ in 1978. Many Malays have come to know and receive Him as their Saviour and Lord and I know them personally. Where they could not change by their own effort, after receiving Him, their life has been transformed.

There is this one particular 48-year-old Malay guy who was a drug-addict who had been in and out of prison since 10 years. He had been counselled by his former-faith religious councellor regularly, but there was no change in his life until finally he gave his life to the Christ. Today, he is a contented Christian having devotion everyday and fellowship among us.

Well, is he the only one? No, there are many others - not just former drug addicts, but also Malays in other various position.

Rachel said...

Hi. I've been a Christian for over 22 years. I'm Malay, totally melayu by race. There are many in Singapore. Take heart, friends, Jesus reigns!

Anonymous said...

Dear Brutalbob..

Do you know why Islam is the fastest growing religion?
Simply because, people are converting by the hundreds weekly?
And why?
Statistics show- due to marriage.
Non-muslim spouses have to convert to Islam when they marry..many not by choice or faith, it's by obligation.
It is the most logical and accurate reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion.

Joshua said...

I recently got back from a 2 week business trip to Singapore. I'm from the Seattle area in Washington State, USA. Before I went, I prayed with my mother about the trip. My mother asked the LORD to send a Christian in my way while I was there.

On the 3rd day of my trip. I got into a taxi with Esther (a work associate) and noticed a little wooden carved Christian Fish on the dash board. I asked the driver, "Are you a Christian?", he said yes I am. I said, "Well hello brother in Christ". Esther asked me if I knew them. I said, no, but yes since we're both Christians, we're brothers in Christ. The taxi driver and I got to talking and I told him I wanted to go to Church while I was visiting and asked him what Church he went to. He responded "Cornerstone". It turned out that Cornerstone was only a 6 block walk from my Hotel (Grand Mercure Roxy). Esther said, "I don't mean to be rude, but are you Malay?". He said yes and I found out why she asked the question. It turns out that if you're Malay, you're Muslim. So this was very strange for her to encounter. The taxi driver and I continued talking and he related his experiences of being ostracized by his family when he accepted Christ as his Savior.

He told me that this week was my week because Cornerstone was having a special guest speaker "Brian Bailey". So I went to see him on Thursday night. That night, I sat down waiting to see if Immanuel (the taxi driver) would come. The church is not small, so I missed him that night, however, I met with 2 ladies who headed up the healing and deliverance ministry. Later that night, they took me out to late night supper (I was really blessed and felt so welcome).

At work the next day in the lunch room, Esther started talking about what had happened in the taxi on Weds., a co-worker named Reuel asked me if I knew about the "Healing Rooms" in Spokane, Washington. I said, yes, I grew up in Spokane. So Reuel invited me to Church on Saturday. Esther invited me to have dinner at her parents place on Saturday night which was also such a blessing! So I went there after Church service with Reuel.

On friday night I went to Cornerstone again to attend but this time, I was waved down by a lady I had met the previous night (at supper) and asked to come sit with her. I sat down with her on my left and an African lady on my right. I started talking with the African lady (sorry I can't remember her name) and it turned out the exact same thing happened to her. She also got into a taxi with Immanuel and that's how she came to that Church.

I was still looking for Immanuel at the service, but it turns out he had to work that night. I met another Malay named Isaiah who bought me Chicken Rice and shared his testimony with me that coming Sunday morning after the 8:30 service.

I met so many wonderful people on that trip to Singapore. I was really encouraging to see that the Church is alive and well in Singapore.

Whatever your views on Christianity, these Christian's showed me they were by their love for me.

John 13:34-35

A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another; as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all [men] know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.

With God's Agape Love,


Emmanuel said...

Hi Joshua,
I'm blessed to hear that my name sake picked you up in a cab and brought you to his church here in SG.
Though i'm not that cab driver, i'm blessed just the same hearing your testimony and your encouragement for all us.

God bless you richly Joshua!


Anonymous said...

I have been so blessed by this blog and by your life brother Emmanuel. Truly, God with us. Shalom!

Anonymous said...

I wrote to you as Anonymous on Feb 9, 6:59pm in this very page, Brother Emmanuel.

Shalom, and Blessings of Jesus be upon you.

I want to declare to the world that I am a proud Christian. I have been saved by the Lord. Truly Isa-Al-Masih was my answer to every question I had.

I am Malay. Full stop.
My Religion is something I CHOOSE FOR MYSELF, not by any govt, not any human beings. Thus I am a CHRISTIAN today with delight and amazement at how I arrived here.

I did major researches, consulted Scholars. I even refreshed myself with many reknown Muslim Apologists to proof my new love wrong. All failed and the truth, prevailed. Christ is the ANSWER to our SALVATION.

As I studied each of your verses given back then, I provoked my mind to think deeper.

Truly, seeking GOD is not easy. We seek for all the answers but did you know something? The Quran led me back to Jesus Christ! Alleluia!

Its all in there. You have to understand it best. Read BETWEEN the lines. You just have to dig in deeper, understand every phrase, and when you seek with the contexts of the Bible, and seek commentaries and teachings, the answers evolve.

Its hard to explain to normal ppl. It needs not only more than a convicting mind, but rather an OPEN MIND to seek without political or religious gain. To seek with an open heart. We seek cause we are truly human after all. And God knows our weakness, and in the end, He never fails to reveal Himself to us.

I did just that and all answers appeared logically to my mind.

It made sense that God did not create humanity to destroy them. There was this plan. The plan was our Lord Jesus Christ. He was the ultimate Lamb of God from the beginning of times.

In order for anyone to understand the New Testament, they MUST thoroughly finish the Old Testament. Then they need to read commentaries to understand better. The Messiah was sent for humanity. Then only then can understand the New Testament.

The Quran speaks of Jesus as Kalimatullah, Ruh Allah, etc. It just made sense

Thank you, Emmanuel.

Count me as another sheep found! Amen

P/S - about the Comparative Religion, do the Muslim world know that the Christian World has such a thing called Christian Apologetics? These are highly certified scholars of defending the Christian Faith cause its normal for human beings to critisize. Seek google.

Praise be to the Lord always, Amen

Ebenezer said...

God Bless those who seek truthfully. Seek without a prejudiced mind. You don't win or lose, you gain salvation!

I am a blessed Ex-Muslim who did my research.

All I could say to the Muslim world - We love you, God loves you as well, and no human being regardless of race and religion, is meant for destruction for we are created by Him, for Him, and ultimately we return to Him.

It was Satan's plan to devour our minds towards rejecting salvation, thus we are wooed away from truth with much manipulation of ideas and thoughts through religion.

Strip religion and seek God alone, and you shall find this God in Spirit and in truth.


Amazing Grace...

Emmanuel said...

Hi Ebenezer!

Praise the Lord. I'm so happy to hear another testimony of a fellow brethren in Christ. : )

God bless & Shalom to you & your family,

Hamzah said...

Hi there Brother Emmanuel,

Interesting blog you have here. I can't help it but to notice something interesting in your comment reply to Zubaidah on January 30, 2009 3:06 PM

You said..."He has forgiven my sins even before I was born.." Just out of curiosity here...by saying that, doesn't that just nullify the doctrine of Original Sin? Where the whole idea of it is that all humans are born with a hereditical sin which was passed down from Adam?

Wasn't it Augustine of Hippo that said and believed that unbaptized infants go to hell as a consequence of original sin? So, whats your take on this? I hope you can enlighten me with your answer.


J said...

Shalom Eleikach

Dear brother , which Church are you attending and mind if we meet up? I accepted Christ but not Baptized..

Nathaniel said...

hi, i'm a malay christian too, and i find joy to know that God has led you to a blessed life.

i've once finished reciting Quran but never had the chance to know the real meanings of the words.

and i've finished reading the Bible three times and am currently reading for my fourth time.

all i can say to those who seek for the truth, pray for God to guide you to the truth while seeking it and you'll find Him.

don't seek it while your heart has prejudice thoughts and you'll not find it.

i've found the truth.

God Bless

Anonymous said...

You quoted: "So, thank you everyone for taking time to read this blog and my wish is for you to spread this to everyone you know, especially to your malay friends."

Why? Because you are Malay, so you want other Malays to know how good you are being a christian. So what! who cares! I'm Malay.

You quoted, "I have made my peace with GOD/YHVH because it is HE who is my peace."
YHVH/ Yahweh/ Jehovah is a Hebrew name for God. You must be reading Old Testament. I know The Jehovah's Witnesses and Unification Church are banned in Singapore. Other Christain denominations considered Jehovah Witnesses is a cult, not a religion.

You must understand this, Allah give everybody a choice to choose their religion. You are free to be what you want but when you belittle your former belief, no matter what religion it is, it shows how insecure you are.

You see, I live in US. We are the only muslims here in our neighbourhood. Most of them are christians. They know I am a muslim because I'm wearing a hijab. Just want you to know, unlike you, Islamophobia has make the muslims here to grow stronger. Islamophobia also attracted others to Islam. Peace!

Darrel 1 said...

Nothing wrong about converting. The issue is mostly social where people who know you try to not let you convert. Then there's the Islamic Council you must try to convince you want to convert, letting the government know you are not Muslim and etc. Religion is between you and God, so why bother with your neighbours and co-workers disagreeing with you? Correct?

Anonymous said...

Dear bro, wassup :)

I feel relieved knowing that i am not the only malay christian person outthere. Your blog gave me a sense of peace and hope, and it helps me to feel stronger regarding my christian faith. I'm only 21, singaporean, malay, and was recently saved. But sadly, i'm living a double life and am not ready to tell those close loved one about who i truly am. So far, only God and a few knows of my transition. I afraid of the future to come. When i was a muslim, i never felt God's presence and it made me miserable and i slowly turn agnostic. But knowing christianity, it brought me closer to our Father. Hallelujah! to that :) I feel much more in peace with God's presence.

You bring us hope brother :)

God bless you.

p.s: we need to have agroup for malay christians out there. an outreach of somewhat..it wud be enriching!

Zaharan Razak said...

You people (and why this need to remain anonymous? You feel persecuted? Doing something illegal?) talk of god so blithely as though it is a foregone conclusion. Has it ever occurred to anyone here that there is a difference between the god out there and the god in your head? One is proven, the other is unprovable! No prize for guessing which is which!

Anonymous said...

hello there, im not sure if you got my comment yesterday but i just read you blogs. they are amazing. im so happy to have found you. at first, i was wondering if you were for real but reading what you write, its undeniable. im really hoping you keep writing as you give so many of us hope.
The Lord sent me half way across the world to hear His word. Im so very happy to say i am malay. i am singaporean born. and i am now a born again Christian. Blessed be His name.
i have been wondering what will happen if i go back to singapore one day. i know the family i was born in will no longer count me in as family, but i have my new family in the Lord to look forward to. it is however very scary and eventhough i have accepted, believed and am now praying for the Holy Spirit and have given myself to the Lord, i still think of them.
anyways, it would be really nice to talk to someone who is in singapore and who knows what im talking about.
shalom to you and yours. my the Lord bless you always my brother.

Jeremiah said...

Th good news is that God is Immanuel.He died, rose and sent His Holy Spirit to guide The Church that He established, that which the gates of hell could not withstand because He would be around until the end of time. Are you with that Church where the fullness of truth is being offered to her adherents or are you just hanging around one that some nice-apologist-guy started just talking about 'some' nice-relationship-with-Jesus? Nothing really wrong being in good relationship with Jesus, but are you not may be missing a lot more on the offer by Christ? Remember Christ's life was a Sacrifice, and we've been invited also to carry our own cross for the benefit of our neighbors....

Jeremiah said...

To Zaharan Razak

...one cannot be too carelful about one's identity. Moslem in general is not really unknown for taking the law into their own hands.
I've seen a video of some 'common' Moslems beating some one who are at fault on their religion. And they were doing the beating as though they were authorized by Allah. So your crap about being anonymous doesn't holdwater..

Jeremiah said...

Zaharan says:1 is proven, the other is unprovable.'

He was born, led a righteous life, was murdered and He rose again from the dead. And His Church stands today since apostolic time.....That to me proved.

Anyone who has not led a righteous life nor has risen from the dead, to me, could not be taken as having proved anything...

Kong Yee said...

Wow! What can I say. First, I saw the work crumble. Then we went on our knees to ask God to forgive us for our prejudice. I hear of the work coming up again very slowly. Then I hear God showing Himself to you guys one by one. Now it seems the flood gate is open. Wow!! You amazes me o Lord. Keep on going brothers and sisters, keep on going.

Khairon said...

Hi all,

Many of us have been so rooted and trapped since we were born in thinking that "How can God die? If He did, everything will cease to exist." And, before I gave my life to Christ, I used to think that way too. It was really a great struggle for me to receive Yehoshua as my Lord and Saviour. My wife left me due to their interpretation of the Islamic law, my children taken away from me, and I was ex-communicated from relatives, friends and community.
The fact that I am now a child of God is, is itself God's grace. My life is transformed through His Word. My desire is just to be like who He wants me to be.
Friends, true Christians are not Christians by name alone. They are who they are as who they are in Isa Almasih.
The second person of the Holy Trinity had to die, so that He can bring us out of the realm of death into His resurrection together with Him on the third day after His death. Because He is alive, we too are alive, since we are one in Him and in the Father.

Anonymous said...

There's no need to argue about your religion or others. if you want to stick with your new religion, go on then. for whomever given the light to embrace Islam, be confident with it. we shall see whose right or wrong in the end as the truth will prevail itself.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Say: O disbelievers! (1) I worship not that which ye worship; (2) Nor worship ye that which I worship. (3) And I shall not worship that which ye worship. (4) Nor will ye worship that which I worship. (5) Unto you your religion, and unto me my religion. (6)

Khean said...

Hello Emmanuel,
Praise GOD for a great testimony. I thank GOD that you are a free man now and you're living in HIS blessings. I hope your testimony will draw more believers to HIS Kingdom. Keep the good news coming.

I was a Taoist and later a buddhist before I finally took a stand in CHRIST. The reason why I went from 1 to another was because I had no peace but fear. I did not choose JESUS but it was JESUS who chose me. HE came to me when I needed GOD the most. There is none who knows except JESUS. HE knew what I needed to get me through.

HE has transformed me so much. I was living in "bondage" before I came to HIM. HE saved me and give me a new live. I Thank GOD for everything HE has done for me and family. And I believe HE did the same for you.

GOD bless.

zack said...

Its amusing how one can believe that God appears in 3 forms, Father, Holy Spirit and Son. If the Son dies for our sin, does it mean the Father & Holy Spirit die together since they are actually one? If not, then the Son is Not the Father nor The Holy Spirit meaning they are 3 instead of one.
God died?

zack said...

An ignorant mind thought that God is distant apart and unreachable. Christians like Muslims believe God is Omniscient & Omnipotent. So how can Christians apply these to Jesus. Point to me where Jesus is now then I'll convert to Christian. One who leaves Islam is ignorant about Islam which differs from Christian to Muslim converts, they understand Islam deeply before embracing Islam. You can't assume where, who or what God is. None other but Islam shows the true path to reach God. In fact, God is never separated but closer than you think. God is not in heaven or paradise. God is everywhere. If Jesus is in heaven, then Jesus is a creation cause God doesn't dwell in heaven. Did God created heaven for himself? Why need to?

For all Muslims, Christians and other bros & sis, God has not created human in error nor does God need sacrifices to redeem our sins. God is not far, not separated nor isolated. The Sun is not separated from its rays, so does God and His creations. We are His signs in good and bad, while He gives us choices with common senses to think. Bad is not an opposition to God, but an absence of good, which has no existence, like darkness is actually an absence of Light but darkness is not another form of existence. So Good is the Truth & Light, as Jesus claimed he is, so do all of us who follow the righteous path.

Don't we ever ponder?

Salam, Me Muslim Brother

zack said...

An ignorant mind thought that God is distant apart and unreachable. Christians like Muslims believe God is Omniscient & Omnipotent. So how can Christians apply these to Jesus. Point to me where Jesus is now then I'll convert to Christian. One who leaves Islam is ignorant about Islam which differs from Christian to Muslim converts, they understand Islam deeply before embracing Islam. You can't assume where, who or what God is. None other but Islam shows the true path to reach God. In fact, God is never separated but closer than you think. God is not in heaven or paradise. God is everywhere. If Jesus is in heaven, then Jesus is a creation cause God doesn't dwell in heaven. Did God created heaven for himself? Why need to?

For all Muslims, Christians and other bros & sis, God has not created human in error nor does God need sacrifices to redeem our sins. God is not far, not separated nor isolated. The Sun is not separated from its rays, so does God and His creations. We are His signs in good and bad, while He gives us choices with common senses to think. Bad is not an opposition to God, but an absence of good, which has no existence, like darkness is actually an absence of Light but darkness is not another form of existence. So Good is the Truth & Light, as Jesus claimed he is, so do all of us who follow the righteous path.

Don't we ever ponder?

Salam, Me Muslim Brother

Gentle Lamb said...

God bless you and welcome to the Kingdom of God.

May you be an inspiration to declare the hope of glory in Christ Jesus to your people.

Zilla said...

Follow your heart... Is it comforting now? If yes, then, im happy for you my dear.

Them speak out loud of them believe, and there is no problem in there. Do you need a certificate to be acknowledge?

I respect your decision and may you found what you'd been looking for.

No One Can Judge Any One.

Anonymous said...

An old Jew was crossing the road in front of a Catholic church. He was knocked down by a speeding car. A priest rushed out and pronounced to the old Jew, now lying supine and looking into the clouds. "Do you believe in God the Father, the son and the holy spirit?" Old Jew throws out arms in one desperate heave. "Here I am dying and he's asking me riddles!"

bella swan said...

Hey guys! no matter what religion you are, try to find out who is brother LIM JOOI SOON! he is one of the greatest malaysian chinese man convert to Islam(ex-christian). he knows everything about religion including atheism,judaism,hinduism etc. so if you think you couldn't find answer about islam, being muslim, or believe your religion is better, true,...jesus is the lord..or buddha is the greatest, go and find him! you might won't be able to question islam after discussing Islam with him!

Anonymous said...

Hey guys! no matter what religion you are, try to find out who is brother LIM JOOI SOON! he is one of the greatest malaysian chinese man convert to Islam(ex-christian). he knows everything about religion including atheism,judaism,hinduism etc. so if you think you couldn't find answer about islam, being muslim, or believe your religion is better, true,...jesus is the lord..or buddha is the greatest, go and find him! you might won't be able to question islam after discussing Islam with him!