Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Faith is our Posture in God

Coming from the background as a personal trainer and also some study in martial arts has made me understand the importance of posture. It is clear through scripture that faith "is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." (Hebrews 11:1) and then "...we walk by faith and not by sight." (2 Corinthians 5:7)

So, as we can understand, without a mirror it's really difficult to check our posture or the way we stand. It is an inward knowing and understanding of ourselves than can we posture ourselves properly. So how do we know whether we are posturing correctly or incorrectly? Well all of us need teachers to correct us right? So, that's the first step. Look to Jesus. He's our Saviour and His teachings are abound in the New Testament. We strengthen our faith(posture with God) by reading the word of God regularly. We come to believe and embody His Life as faith in us increases in awareness and presence. As Pastor always mentions, right believing leads to right living.

After the teaching, there's also the practicing right? Sometimes in order to understand the movement of our body, we need to see ourselves in the mirror to understand what's going on. As a trainer, i've encountered many occasions where the client thinks and feels that he/she is doing the right thing. But from my observation it's not correct. So, this comes to point that faith is independent of the intellect and the emotions/feelings. Just like the posture of my client while doing her exercise. They need the constant correction by their 'teacher'. So, what do i do? I bring them in front of the mirror and let them see their movement in front of the mirror. Lo and behold... They are absolutely amazed how their bodies don't listen to their minds. So, intellect and emotions pretty much most of the time go against each other and the end result? Confusion.

But once they come to realise what the correct posture is, they enjoy thier workouts so much more!

And that brings me back to our Lord Jesus Christ. We are in Christ and Christ is in you. That means Jesus is me and I am Jesus! How wonderful! We have our mirror image with us all the time and this IS the perfect mirror image that we seek. Always glorious, always majestic, always victorious. That IS our posture with GOD. So how do we do it? In order to remind ourselves to correct our posture, usually we initially need to constantly look at the mirror to adjust ourselves. So, in our daily lives we need to look for our Jesus Mirror and constantly adjust our minds and bodies to look for His Perfect alignment. The moment we think of Him or talk of Him, Jesus comes to the forefront of our lives. Then can we use Him as our mirror.

It's pretty much a dual process hand in hand. The word of God is to strengthen our posture with Him and we use the Jesus mirror for daily fine tuning.

Slowly but surely this embodiment of faith will increase in the person until it becomes part of you. When you carry Christ in you, your posture with God is always perfect!

Amen to that.

Blessings Always,


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