Monday, February 19, 2007

God's promise for China. From the Palm of His Hands to His heart in Israel.


Welcome everybody to an exciting discovery! I'd like to thank our Pastor for his anointed Word on Sunday. He brought up a new revelation for me and it was The Land of Sinim, China, as it was known during Isaiah's time of about 720-680 B.C. In fact, i believe this discovery is an answer and revelation of a dream that a friend of mine had. My friend told me about his dream in early January. He said he dreamt of his left palm with the arm outstretched to the side and his palm had a silver light travelling from the palm, up his arm and lead straight to his pumping heart, (which he knew was Jerusalem) and his palm then touched his heart. He was perplexed by it but somehow he felt it had something to do with him being Chinese and God calling him and the Chinese people to Jerusalem.

God is Awesome! In an indirect way, He has given me the revelation and interpretation of this dream. All glory to Him.

And the adventure begins...

Let's take a look now at Isaiah 49:12,

"Surely these shall come from afar; Look! Those from the north and the west, And these from the land of Sinim.”

The name Sinim has been used since ancient times to refer to the Chinese people. It has been used later by the French as "Sino" to refer to the Chinese , Latin "Sinae" to mean 'the Chinese', Greek "Sinai", Arabic "Sin" and from China itself in Mandarin "Ch'in" or Qin in English the dynastic name of the country.

Upon some research we know that there were 3 prior Kingdoms before Qin. They were Xia, Shang and Zhou. The Chinese Nations were known as the Middle Kingdoms from 2205 B.C. with the first Dynasty, Xia, established by Emperor Yu.

"But why Qin? What was the significance of the Qin Dynasty? In fact, during Isaiah's time the Qin Dynasty was not established yet. The state of Qin was only one of hundreds of states under the Zhou Dynasty(770 - 256 B.C.). It was located in the present Gansu Province through which trade with the West was conducted. It was only 500 years after Isaiah that Qin Shi Huangdi defeated all the other competitive states and established the Qin dynasty. From then on, Qin represented the Middle Kingdom [China]. " (quoted from article above) Then there was something about the Gansu Province that gave me a clue to why God chose the Qin state to be the ruling and then representative dynasty of China. The State of Qin is located in the Gansu Province and the province has what we call now the Gansu Corridor. And it is the first stop for all travellers from the East to travel to the West before they had to pass through the famous... Silk Road! The first stop is Chang'An, second Wuwei and then Anxi which was during ancient times part of the Land of Persia/Iran. God made the Qin State prosper because they were the connecting route from the West which was from Egypt, Israel, Arabia. God's Truth travelled down the Silk Road to reach the Land of Sinim/China.

So, can we confirm scripture with history and geography? Let's take a look at Isaiah 49:11, "I will make each of My mountains a road, And My highways shall be elevated."

As we know, trade was done through the Silk Road and had to pass through the Gansu Corridor. Alexander the Great established the Western part of the route by 325 B.C. and by the time the Qin Dynasty (221 B.C.) was established the route was fully connected. So, what was the geographical position of the Gansu Corridor? "The Gansu Corridor is located along a relatively fertile strip running along the base of the Qilian mountains, separating the great Mongolian plateau and the Gobi from the Tibetan High Plateau. Coming from the west or south, the only way in is over the passes." The highest peak of the Qilian Mountain range is Qilian Shan Mountain with its peak at 6,203 metres. The Tibetan High Plateau has an average elevation of over 4,500 metres. Called "the Roof of The World", it is the highest and biggest plateau in the world about 4 times the size of France. The Great Mongolian Plateau has an elevation of 900 to 1500 metres. My, my isn't God great? The road is by the Qilian Mountains, and the highways of the two plateaus are indeed elevated! One plateau is even called the "Roof of The World".

Wow! All these prophesised about 400 years before the Silk Road was established.

The next question would be, did God forsake the Chinese people? Did He forget them and had left them in darkness?

Isaiah 49:9, That You may say to the prisoners, ‘Go forth,’ To those who are in darkness, ‘Show yourselves.’ “ They shall feed along the roads, And their pastures shall be on all desolate heights. "

Missionaries are entering China and thousands are being saved, they have gone forth from God's calling. Hallelujah... We pray for the safety of these missionaries, we pray that they are anointed by the Word and that the Spirit of God shall go forth upon them like a rushing wind.

Will God forsake the Chinese people? Never.

Isaiah 49:15-16, “ Can a woman forget her nursing child, And not have compassion on the son of her womb? Surely they may forget, Yet I will not forget you. 16 See, I have inscribed you on the palms of My hands; Your walls are continually before Me."

God never forgets. He has inscribed them in the palms of His hands, God contnually sees their walls before Him. This alludes to the Great Wall of China. Just imagine that you're in a space shuttle and looking down on earth and you see the outline of the Great Wall of China, and then right now take a look at the lines of your palms, that's how God is continually reminded about His promise to the Chinese people. Hallelujah! Praise God and His everlasting love.

And with all these souls saved in the great land of China/Sinae, they have been brought home to the Lord, they have been brought home to their spiritual temple; the Jerusalem within... and Jerusalem the Heart of Israel.

How great is our God! Thank you Jesus. All praises to the King of all Times. Amen.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing! I'm Chinese but do not as much as you have written. Is so refreshing reading your blog.