Monday, April 6, 2009

The One Love.

Hi Dearly Beloveds,

As we look to this world that seems bleak, full of hate, anguish and violence. There can only be One solution. It is not to have a one world economy, it is not to have a one world legal system that determines our every way of life, it is to look to the One that has given His all for the world.
Why do we look to ourselves for the solution? Look to the One that says, "It is finished!"

HE has completed the work. Rid the world of Sin, but it is upon us to share this Good News. Share the NEWS that we no longer carry the burden of Sin in our Spirit but has been borne on the One that's without Sin.
How about a news flash tomorrow at prime time, "The Sins of this world, eradicated by rebel rabbi sent by GOD Himself." Wouldn't that be awesome?

Splashed across the front page of all major newspapers:

"Liberty, Liberty! Sin washed away by the Tsunami of Grace!"
written by Chris T.,

"The Man, the Rebel, the Light, the Shepherd, the SON. How you want to call Him, what you want to call Him, can't change the fact that He has done it! Done what? SIN eradicated. Removed. Expunged. Nuked. No more in you and me. He the One, said, "I did not come to judge and condemn the world, but I've come to save it." Mad man, many said. Blasphemy some said. Demon possessed even!

But the fruits of His ministry, however, did just show otherwise.

HIS mission was always in love, charity and liberation. He healed the sick, delivered people from demons, opened the ears of the deaf so they could hear, opened the eyes of the blind so they could see, restore death unto life just like raising Lazarus because his family grieved him so, fed 5,000 people with 5 loaves & 2 fish and much much more.

With such Love though, the people still wanted Him dead. "Death by crucifixion!" Shouted the Holy ones. "Release the murderer!"

A Man who Loved the poor, the sick, the dejected, the outcast, sent to the most brutal punishment ever, while a murderer walks free. This is the justice of the world. The guilty for the innocent. The blemished for the spotless One.

But this Rebel, did not utter a single word of contempt. He opened not His mouth, dumb as a lamb to the slaughter.

In His suffering, He can only think of one thing. You. How joyous is He in His heart knowing that what He will accomplish will forever set you free. Oh how He longs to be with you. But He knows, this mission, this journey, this passion for you, is an utterly, excrutiatingly, painful one. He holds His strength, whatever that He can muster to stay alive during the beating, the whipping, the scourging, the heavy crucifix which He can barely carry, limping because of His severed sciatic nerve. He must be mad. Oh so mad. Crazy, out of His mind. Why go through all that for a lot of people cursing at Him, spitting as His face, shouting obscenities at Him. WHY?

Love. He says, "As the Father has loved Me, so I have loved you; continue in My love."

Must be some kind of crazy love. A love so precious that the Father sacrificed His most precious One. For you.

Even to the very end, as He was pinned to the crucifix, naked, bloody, battered beyond recognition that there was no beauty in Him whatsoever, He had a heart for them. For those who abused Him. For those who gambled for His clothes. He interceded for them, saying, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."

Scorched under the sun from 9am till noon, then darkness fell. A strange eclipse swept the entire earth at that time. For 3 whole hours. The world was in absolute, desolate darkness. As if it was truly the end. But at 3pm, He shouted, "It is finished!" The end. His mission was over. And He gave His last breath. The horns blared across from the Holy sanctuary. The perfect sacrifice has been slain.

No news came. Not one of His closest disciples turned up to claim His body. On Joseph. From Arithmathea. He had a beautiful garden, fit for the One to be laid in. And there the body of the Rebel was laid to rest.

1 day passed, 2 days passed, the disciples were all scattered. Losing hope. 3rd day came.

It wasn't the men who witnessed Him being alive again. It was the woman. The woman restored by He Himself. Speaking to a gardener, estranged, crying, that the body of the One she thought was lost, without realising it is HE!

Yes, as He conquered death, He crushed the evil one's head with His heel! Death is underfoot. Sin no longer has a stranglehold on His beloved people.

Righteousness, Victory, Blessings & Honour. ALL through the eternal removal of Sin, forgiven for eternity via the perfect work that the One has done on His mission to the hill known as, "The place of the Skull." Truly the skull is underfoot, the Cross of Salvation crushed it!

To the One be ALL Glory & Honour.

His name is Jesus."

Wouldn't that be an awesome article to read in tommorow's papers?
Hallelujah! Praise you Lord. You are indeed magnificient, glorious and worthy of all honour & praise.

God bless all of you! : )

Shalom Shalom,


Ahxuan said...

hi emmauel, visit my blog yet har? hehe.

Emmanuel said...

Hi Ahxuan,

Yes i've visited your blog. Nicely done!

I definitely cannot do it so stylishly like you have.

God bless & Shalom,

Ebenezer said...

Shalom, Brother.

I am another saved sheep. I praise the Lord for this gift of salvation. It is to such as these that He came.

Let us pray for those who still see yet cannot perceive the truth. May the Light of the World shine upon them towards our Ultimate Lamb of Grace!