Saturday, July 18, 2009

I am Blessed!

Hi All!

I've been asked several times at work today, the usual, "How's your day?" or "How are you doing?" kind of question.

What would the usual response be usually? "Oh ok." or "Not too bad." or something to that effect. But today i decided to catch myself before i said these things and quickly shouted out, "I'm good! Great! Hallelujah!"

I've decided that whatever that the day has in store for me, nothing can beat how God has given His very best to me. His beloved One, Jesus Christ! How terribly bad can my day be when God has given me His best already?

Christ consciousness. The consciousness of how much God loves me. That's what brings me through the whole day. And with that, i can really count my blessings. From the simple breakfast that i have at home, till the time i reach home and greeted by my wonderful family.

I hope we all can meditate and dwell on this consciousness that it doesn't really matter what happens to us, we have all already been blessed in advance!

Shalom & be Blessed,

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