Saturday, June 9, 2007

Yet you seek to kill me...

Why?... Why do you seek to kill me?

I have come to tell you the truth from my Father. My words find no reception in your hearts.

As i have said, if I set you free, you WILL be free indeed.

I am telling you what my Father has shown me. Just as you are now doing what your father has shown you.

I know you are of Abraham's flesh, but are you of Abraham's seed of faith and holiness?

But now,... Now, you seek to kill me?! A man that has told you the truth from God! This, Abraham would not have done...

Yet you say you do the works of your father.

If God were your Father, you would love me... I came from HIM! And only Him... He sent me! I did not come on my own.

Don't you understand what I'm saying? Can't you stand to hear what I'm saying?

Your father is the devil! And you do exactly what he wants. His lust you carry out! A murderer from the beginning! And never did he remain in the Truth. As he speaks, it is all lies! Anything that springs forth of him is a lie. He IS the father of lies!

Don't you not see that?!

And because I tell you the Truth, you believe me not...

He that is of God, hears His words. For this, you do not hear His words because you are not of God.

I have no demon. I honor my Father. You dishonor me...

(Inspired from John 8:37-49)

Lord, i know how we have come to seek You. But i know you have come to seek us first. There are still some of us out there rejecting you, persecuting you, still wanting you killed! Wanting to kill Your Truth. But Lord, i know you are Mighty. And You have said it is Finished!

Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that you ARE LORD of all!

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