Saturday, July 7, 2007

My baby girl has arrived!

Hi to all you children of God,

It's such a glorious day last Wednesday when my baby girl decided to greet us earlier by 2 weeks.

God is so good. Everything was just so perfect in His timing. My heart melted when my baby girl came out. When the nurses bundled her up and brought her to my wife and i, i cried. It was tears of joy. Tears that only God can understand because He gave us that first love. If i can love this baby so much that i'll give my life for her, what more He!

It's so amazing to see God's love packed into such a tiny bundle. And that's how He came to us! A helpless little babe in a stinky manger in Bethlehem. God Magnficient, Supreme, above all else, decided to compress Himself and lose all His Majesty and Glory to be with us. As a helpless baby. He could have come immediately as a young, muscular, strong and strapping man. But no, He decided, let's do this minus all the superhero trappings and come as a tiny bundle of flesh first. Grow up as a little boy, fall down and get scraped in the knees as all little boys do and finally grow up to be a humble carpenter to serve your every daily need to furnish your home. That's who our Lord is.

He that is, will always be our first love. With that we love our family. To know Him is to see Him in all that we experience in life. He gave Himself up to be punished for us, to be beaten for us, to be pierced and bled dry for us, so that we can enjoy this life here on earth more than abundantly and receive all His blessings freely. Freely He has given His first Love to us and therefore we can freely love others, just like my darling baby girl. : )

Shalom to one and all. Be sheltered by His love underneath His mighty wings.

Be greatly blessed, highly favoured and deeply loved.



cybeRanger said...

Congrats! May the Lord bless your baby girl abundantly!

cybeRanger said...

Congrats! :-)

archangel31 said...

Congrats on the arrival of ur gal!