Thursday, July 26, 2007

Glimpse of Heaven...

A glimpse of Heaven is all it takes to know that the Kingdom is here and now too...

Many a times we wonder what it's like to be in Heaven with our Father. Look around you, what's your Daddy God saying to you? Is He saying loving words of encouragement? Is He comforting you and telling you not to worry? Is He telling you that everything's going to be ok?

Now when i look at my baby girl, my Daddy God is telling me all those things. He says, "Son, this IS Heaven... Look at your daughter. Do you love her? That's how I love you and so much more." And you know that He's got a BIG BIG smile behind what He just said to you.

"I've given my Son up for you. He was my Heart. As much as it hurts me to see my Heart pierced and staked right through and bled dry... It pleases me to see that I can have you with me in my Kingdom for all eternity."

Our Father gave His dearest best to us, for us... Aren't we blessed?

This love that no man can give, only our Father gives!

Lord, we love You, we worship You, we magnify You in our lives. We thank You for all that you have blessed us with and we thank for all the blessings that we have already received in providence.

Your blessed son,

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