Saturday, March 10, 2007

I Make All Things New...

Hi everyone,

I was sharing with a dear brother about how one scene in The Passion touched my heart so much. To my surprise this scene was his favourite too. This scene was when Jim Caviezel as Jesus was struggling along the streets of Old Jerusalem, and his mother Mary, was running parallel to the streets. Jesus fell, gazed to His mother, she looked back and He said, "Mother... Look, I make all things new...!" It was so heart wrenching for me to see that my God did that for me, went through all that pain and suffering for me. It is a love that is unlike any on this earth.

We ARE New now because our Lord Jesus has made all things new 2000 years ago. How Great is our God! Without Him, how can we live in this fallen world and when we do leave this world, where do we go? We are assured a mansion in His Father's House. Because why? Because He loved us first...

That scene if replayed in my mind, brings tears to my eyes. I feel so loved by our Lord Jesus. There are no words to describe what i feel but a sense of reverence, awe and worship. I'd just say, "My Lord, My God... I thank you for what you've done. Jesus, why do you love me so much? I really don't know why sometimes but i know you love me... You make me new, you make me lie down in green pastures, you make the living waters in me flow but most of all, i feel so loved... I feel so like a child in your arms, being hugged, being kissed as a father would to his baby. In you Jesus, i see my Father in Heaven."

He that numbers the very hairs on our head, he that wipes the tears away from our eyes, He that takes away our sorrows and He that takes away death. Jesus takes away the man that is dead in me and substitutes it with the New Man that is so Alive!

Thank you Lord Jesus. You ARE the Lord of my Life, You ARE my Saviour and You ARE my Good Shepherd.

Your deeply beloved son,


Xuez said...

I ve received the survey. Thanks!

cybeRanger said...

my favourite too :)

charis said...

AMEN!!! Hey that is my favourate scene too! It never fails to bring tears to my eyes and the overwhelming love of my Lord for me. He is indeed AWESOME!

Really been inspired and blessed by your blog tremendously. Shalom!

Ny said...

He made me new too! AMEN!